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30 Days of Kink: Day 2

(I am [obviously] not doing one of these every day.)

List your kinks.

But I hardly know you! You could at least buy me a drink first. Oh, all right.

This one I kept putting off because my kinks are somewhat varied and partner/situation specific. I can give a few general favorites, though.

Kissing. Not kinky? I don’t care. Kissing is the best activity known to man and I can’t get enough of it.

Impact is something I enjoy both as a top and as a bottom. This covers a lot: I like punching, slapping, and spanking. I prefer to wield a belt or strap if not using my bare hands. I would rather be hit with something at least a little “thuddy,” and will always take a paddle, cane, or PVC pipe over a crop or a switch. (I married a sadist. He favors the switch, obviously.) Biting, scratching, pulling hair, and teasing are also favorites. I will always insist, with pouting and stamping of feet, that I am not an exhibitionist. However I’m not shy about playing at parties, and am quite fond of naughty behavior in the very-secluded outdoors.

As a bottom I like breath play (from corsets to strangulation), wax (which we haven’t used in years because it’s such a mess), and electrical stimulation (I am addicted to my TENS unit for non-kink purposes as well. It does very nice things for sore shoulders.). Now that I’ve tried fire play with someone who knows what he’s doing, I can definitely say I like it (both fire wands and cupping). I have some trust issues when it comes to bondage, but I do like the results when my husband ties me up.

As a top, there are fewer particular activities that I go for (well, aside from the impact/biting/scratching &c mentioned above). I’m a fan of blindfolds and sensation play, and leather wrist cuffs. I’m a huge reaction junkie, so if I’m hitting someone and they just stand there still and silent, I’m going to get bored and possibly a little offended. On the other hand, if a guy is really into feet and shoes, I’ll get off on foot worship or trampling even though feet are a very boring body part to me. My favorite thing is getting a response, whether it’s facial expressions, moaning, writhing, or just verbal feedback (best if nervous and shy). I absolutely adore hearing someone beg. It’s an instant 100% guaranteed turn-on.  I appreciate it all the more because I just can’t do it. If I try to beg, I’ll say ‘please’ maybe twice and then start cussing, threatening, demanding, and otherwise acting like a complete brat.

I get unreasonably annoyed if a partner is taller than me. Thankfully, I am not short, and have many lovely pairs of high heels.

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